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Haiku Fan Light Kit

Introducing the haiku fan light kit! This amazing set of fan light kit can be used to increase the look of your haiku fan or to produce a more bright and durable fan. The kit comes with two fan light extensions in both brass and black. Additionally, a haiku fan lightcase can be added to the kit for organization and travel purposes.

Haiku Fan Light Kit Installation


Haiku Fan Light Kit Ebay

This kit includes a white ceiling fan with a big ass fan light kit-004947-259. The fan has a built-in light and isosteoscope sensor to adjust the light on/offs. The kit also includes a haiku dictaphone and code book. The code book allows users to write their own haiku, and the fan will write haikus based on the code book words. this kit includes a full-face fan and a haiku led light kit-white. The fan is easy to set up and looks great with any room experience. The haiku led light kit-white can light up your room up to 4 timesa per minute, and it can be controlled with a digital controller. The fan can be connected to the lightkit. Org so that it can connect to other fans in your room and to your tv. this kit includes a white haiku fan light kit-004947-259- that is perfect to put on your ceiling. This fan light kit can light up your room with its big ass fans, making it perfect for any haiku fan shop. The kit includes: a full-face fan, an haiku fan, and a light kit.