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Heavy Duty Trailer Light Kit

Our heavy duty trailer light kit is perfect for anyone who wants to get in the moody with the day job. This kit includes a magnetic base to keep your truck light and easy to see in the dark, as well as a portable trailermounting light. Make your trip to the office a little more welcoming with this valuable piece of equipment!

Waterproof Trailer Light Kit

The waterproof trailer light kit is a great way to ensure your trailer is on the ground-gleam and order. this kit includes the light and a ratchet strap to tighten it. you can also buy a quick connect cord for your electrical outlet. the kit is perfect to keep your trailer running and lights up. don't miss out on this amazing kit!

Led Trailer Light Kit Submersible

This kit includes a tow trailer hitch mounting bracket and a work light pod. The pod can be attached to the hitch in place of a light post. It features two led lights that will help illuminate the road in the dark. the waterproof led trailer light kit is a great way to increase your trailer's lightscapes without having to add any additional light. The kit includes a light bulb and an incandescent light bulb of your choice. The light kit can be attached to the trailer with included screws and magnets. the heavy duty trailer light kit includes a 12v waterproof light bulb and an actuator. This kit can be used on boat trailers with a 12v electrical outlet. It compatible with the heavy duty wiring and assembly process. The light kit also includesgnarled- appearance, lightweight, and weatherproof. this heavy duty trailer light kit includes a 12v waterproof lighted hitch, that can be attached to a heavy duty truck or vehicle. It can also be attached to a boat with a heavy duty hitch kit. The light can be used for navigation and warning systems.