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Maxxhaul 70205 12v Led Trailer Light Kit

This maxxhaul kit includes two 70205 12v led trailers light kits that can be attached to a car or truck. The kits come in black or red and are designed to keep you and your whileslander spotless.

12 Volt Led Trailer Light Kit

If you're looking for a versatile led trailer light that you can put in any situation, look no further than the 12 volt led trailer light kit. This kit comes with two light bars and a widget that lets you control the light from your smartphone. the kit also includes a handle and a shopping cart-style keyboard, which are both easy to use and could be added in to any situation.

Maxxhaul 70205 12v All Led Submersible Trailer Light Kit

This maxxhaul kit includes the following: -70205 12v all led submersible trailer light kit -2xaaa rechargeable battery -1xpcmui/cd4 compatible submarine -1xlcd digital display -1xhdr leds -1xcable management system -1xreverse polarity -1xcable management system -1xusb interface -1xfan control -1xreverse polarity the kit also includes the following: -1xusb interface -X4 4-pin (6 ports) stranded wire -1xcable management system -1xfan control -1xreverse polarity the kit is a perfect addition to your maxxhaul arsenal. This submersible trailer light kit comes with a perfect solution for any trailer needed to help brighten up your boat. Maxxhaul 12v trailer light kit is perfect for your vehicle. With its 12v power and led lights, you'll be able to keep your car or truck shone with light for just $9. 99 everyday. The maxxhaul trailer light kit is designed to make your life easier. This package includes two 12v all led submersible trailer lights which you can use to help keep your vehicle turning in the dark. The kit also includes an easily accessible instruction manual and a 24hr timer. The maxxhaul kit is sure to help keep your car turning in the dark without any extra steps. This maxxhaul kit includes two 12v led trailer light kits, which can be attached to the vehicle's sides. The kits come in black or green, and each kit contains two lightbulbs. The kits also include a bagayelian switch, which can be used to activate or de-activate the lights.